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My work addresses the human search for the aesthetic ideal.
In my artwork, I too strive for perfection in my forms, yet I am also a bit frightened of that perfection.

Through the work I am investigating whether it is the resulting forms or the search for results; the perfection or the quest for perfection which is the ultimate goal.

I make pieces from silver, gold, cotton, wood and lead.
It is important to me that the materials do not detract from the form.I do not make a drawing before I begin a piece; I begin with a thought.

The process and the materials allow me to translate that thought into something tangible.My process is a means which allows me to express things that I could not say, or even discover, through any verbal language. 


My works blur the line between jewelry and sculpture.
Scale and context are the factors which determine the character of the piece and with which of the worlds it is identified.

The observer has an active role in a dialogue with the work and each observer takes with him the thought which gave birth to the piece.

I do not spend time defining a piece as jewelry or sculpture.  What is important is that each piece has become what it is meant to be.  

My works are thoughts which have taken forms.  



"Michelle Sebbag is a Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Graduate metalsmith with a sculptural approach for many years. She lives in Jerusalem, Israel where she hand-forges metals and Gemstones into wearable Jewelry. Michelle Sebbag design aesthetic is creating jewelry that is both modern and refined, with minimalist intention and touch of tribal. 

Wearable Sculpture- Michelle is engaged in a perpetual quest to express her inner world. Through unique symbols, she creates a language of her own."

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